Have you thought about using quick hitches on your farm?

Mechanisation should make life much easier for farmers but it does bring problems of its own. One of the biggest problems for farmers is that they often need access to a variety of mechanical implements in quick succession to complete a single task. If you manage a farm and need to use a range of tools, then you could simply buy a lot of different machines. However, this plan can get expensive; you might also run into issues with finding locations to store them when they are not in use. All of this adds to your costs and trims your already thin margins.

An alternative is to buy one machine which can be fitted with different attachments depending on the job in hand: quick hitches. Learn more about whether quick hitches could benefit your farm by reading further. 

1. Is there a better way?

Fortunately, many machine operators have come to appreciate the benefits that quick hitches can bring to machine operations. Instead of wasting time struggling with complicated locking procedures, quick hitches allow attachments to be switched rapidly. Operators can change the attachment on a dipper arm between buckets, diggers, drills, and anything else that may be needed much more quickly than any other method would allow.

2. Working with quick hitches

Quick hitches are often automatic but they can also be manual or semi-automatic depending on your requirements. All quick hitches allow you to maintain your productivity by switching between attachments with ease the only thing that you must ensure is that your quick hitches are connected correctly to avoid the risk of an accident. It is important that you never attempt to fit quick hitches unless you are sure that you know how to do it right. A poorly connected hitch could lead to the bucket or other attachment crashing to the ground while it is in use, potentially crushing anything or anyone unfortunate enough to be below it.

In addition to ensuring that your quick hitches are correctly connected and regularly inspected for damage, you must also make certain that the attachments you are using are all of the right sizes for your dipper arm. Employing attachments which are not intended for your machine could have fatal consequences if the attachment became detached while using it. 

To find out more about the benefits quick hitches could offer to your farm speak to a local supplier today.