2 tips For Farmers Who Want To Get New Attachments For Their Tractors

Here are some tips for farmers who want to get new attachments for their tractors.

They should consider if they would find a 4-in1 bucket useful

When farmers start shopping for attachments for their tractors, many contemplate getting 4-in-1 buckets, that can be used to carry out multiple functions. The NORM Engineering Pro Series 4-in-1, for example, can be used for transporting materials, grading uneven ground, for picking up large objects, and it can perform most of the same functions that a bulldozer does. However, although there are circumstances in which this equipment might be suitable for a particular farm, any farmer who finds the idea of a multifunctional attachment appealing should first consider if this type of bucket is the right choice for their farm.

For example, if a farmer already has a grader blade attachment, and rarely needs to clear land or do backfilling, then they will have little use for two of the 4-in-1 bucket's features (that is, its dozing and grading functions). In a situation like this, the farmer should consider if it would be more cost-effective for them to get a basic dirt scoop attachment, that would allow them to scoop up and transport a variety of materials.

They should consider if they'll be able to safely store them

Another factor farmers should consider before buying attachments is if they have a safe place to store them on their farms. This is something that they should think about, regardless of whether they get one single attachment like the aforementioned 4-in-1 bucket or whether they buy multiple attachments. Farmers who decide to buy, for example, a separate grader and dirt scoop, might need to either remove some equipment they're currently keeping in their farm's storage shed to free up floor space for these new items or they might even need to extend their sheds to make space for them.

This is an important consideration, as although tractor attachments are robust and are designed for outdoor use, this does not mean that they should be stored outdoors permanently, even when they're not in use, as this could lead to them getting damaged by the elements. Furthermore, because 4-in-1 buckets and other attachments have sharp blades, storing them outside on a farm could also be hazardous and might lead to people who work on the farm or the livestock getting injured after coming into contact with the equipment's sharp components.