Things To Know About a Ride On Lawn Mower

If it's time to invest in new lawn mower, and you're tired of your standard push mower, because it takes forever to mow your big lawn or half-acre field, you may want to consider investing in a ride on mower. These are mowers that you sit and steer in the same manner as a vehicle, and they offer several advantages over your old push mower. Here are some important things to know about ride on mowers.

They Come In Two Styles  -- In general, ride on mowers come in two main styles, tractor style and zero turn style. Tractor style is a more traditional type of ride on mower that has a front wheel drive design and features a narrow turning radius, which means that it's harder to cut edges and narrow areas such as those around trees. The main difference between a tractor style riding mower and a zero turn mower is that the zero turn mower is built so that the wheels can rotate 360 degrees, which means that cutting corners and narrow edges is no problem with a zero turn ride on mower. The reason it can do this is that each wheel operates independently and coupled with its full-rotation capability, the zero turn mower offers much more efficient cutting.

They Generate More Horsepower -- Because ride on lawn mowers are larger than push mowers and can hold a greater amount of fuel than push mowers, they generate more horsepower, which means that these mowers will move faster and cut in a much shorter period of time than push mowers. The horsepower also helps power the deck wheels on a riding mower, which keeps the blades cutting even on terrain that is bumpy or uneven, something that is much harder to achieve on a standard push mower.

They Are Multipurpose -- Most push mowers can only cut and collect grass—that's about the extent of their use. But ride on mowers have multiple uses that make them a more cost effective choice. For example, you can add an attachment to a ride on mower that allows you to spray pesticides or other kinds of chemicals on your lawn or field. In addition, you can also add useful attachments such as a snow removing device that lets your mower become a snow collector that removes piles of snow from your lawn. Attachments can be installed on the front or back end of these machines, giving you more options.

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