Radiators and New Air Conditioning Systems

Most people living in old houses are challenged by air conditioning. Which is the appropriate way to install air conditioning in a home that had radiators? The challenge arises because radiators were not installed with ductwork. Getting new air conditioning systems will require you to chip and tear through roofs, ceilings and walls to fit the necessary ductwork. Many people completely eliminate the radiators and replace entirely with a different system. However, radiator services experts advise on various ways one can go about installing new air conditioning systems without having to go through the hustle and cost of eliminating the old radiator systems.

Choosing what to save

 Most radiator services experts will tell you that in almost all cases, the radiators removed from old buildings can still work well. You should determine from an expert whether your old radiator is still functional before discarding it and fitting newer HVAC systems. Old radiators are durable and survive decades of functionality. The boilers may need replacing, however. Such radiators can then easily be converted by radiator services specialists into functional units working in conjunction with your new HVAC system. It is a proven fact that combining your new HVAC system with radiators for heating saves a good portion of energy since you will only use electricity for cooling.

Before the radiators are incorporated into your new system, each unit must be checked for breakages and leakage within the panels and supply pipes.

Retrofit newer units

There are many HVAC systems that do not necessarily need a lot of duct work and patching. Systems such as the mini-fit systems do not need ductwork placed in every room. Instead, they are placed in each room requiring heating and cooling. Such a system would be more suitable to collaborate with radiators for heating since they can be switched off in rooms where they are not needed.

A high velocity system is another example of a better option. These systems use a simple two inch delivery tube. Such tubing is small and would not be difficult to install around the home without demanding too much demolition and opening up of walls. Working in conjunction with radiator services specialists from a company like Joseph Radiators & Air Conditioning, you can find these retrofit systems that are both economical and effective when working together with your old radiators.


Finally, before installing new systems to function together with your old radiators, it is important to note the power consumption of these units and whether your house wiring was designed to handle such voltages. Remember, an old house would probably still be relying on the old electrical system while new HVAC units are designed to draw much more power than earlier anticipated.