Radiators and New Air Conditioning Systems

Most people living in old houses are challenged by air conditioning. Which is the appropriate way to install air conditioning in a home that had radiators? The challenge arises because radiators were not installed with ductwork. Getting new air conditioning systems will require you to chip and tear through roofs, ceilings and walls to fit the necessary ductwork. Many people completely eliminate the radiators and replace entirely with a different system. Read More 

Simple Lawn Care Tips for When Water Supplies Run Low

If you're facing a drought or a water shortage for any reason, you still want to preserve your lawn and garden as much as possible. A few simple tips and investment in some pieces you can use to collect water can help you do just that, so that your lawn and garden don't wither even when water supplies run low: 1. Reuse gray water from home Gray water can be water from the washing machine rinse cycle, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks. Read More 

Should Your Dog be Vegan? Five Points to Consider

If you are a vegan dog owner, you may be looking for ways to integrate your dietary and lifestyle beliefs into how you raise your dog. Like people, dogs cannot survive on salad alone, but there are things you can do to make your dog's diet relatively consistent with your ethics. As you decide what to feed your dog, here are five ideas to consider: 1. Dogs evolved from carnivores. Read More 

Things To Know About a Ride On Lawn Mower

If it's time to invest in new lawn mower, and you're tired of your standard push mower, because it takes forever to mow your big lawn or half-acre field, you may want to consider investing in a ride on mower. These are mowers that you sit and steer in the same manner as a vehicle, and they offer several advantages over your old push mower. Here are some important things to know about ride on mowers. Read More